Orro feels right at home, in every home.

We created Orro to work in as many homes as possible, and designed the installation process to be simple.


But first, the basics.

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Orro needs a neutral wire to work. Nothing else.

Orro plugs directly into the wall using the same wires that are connected to your existing switch or dimmer. It requires a neutral wire.

Most homes built or remodeled after 1980 will have a neutral wire in the junction box. If you're not sure, we created a guide to help you check to see if you have a neutral wire.


Orro works with all light bulbs and existing switch boxes.

Orro works with LED, incadescent, halogen and other bulbs. It will dim or turn them on/off depending if your lights are dimmable or not. To start, you’ll need a 120V electrical system - the standard for the United States.

Orro can manage a lighting circuit including up to 500W incandescent loads or a LED equivalent. Orro replace your existing single pole switch or dimmer.


Simple to setup.
Easy to expand.

Set up your Orro where you spend the most time (like the kitchen or living room.) From there, it’s easy to pair more Orro switches to your system. Did we mention that the new switches learn from the existing ones, so every light is up to speed on your patterns?


Installs in 10 minutes.


To install Orro, all you need are a few simple tools. Quick connect terminals make the job a lot easier than old school screw terminals.

Trained installation is also available.


Orro gets to work right away.


After installation is complete, you'll complete a short setup, so Orro can get to know a little about you and your home.


Orro immediately begins to learn about you.

Orro works behind the scenes to bring you better lighting with technology like True Presence™ and Switch IQ™. Go on about your day, adjust your lighting when you need to, like turning on/off lights and dimming when you deem appropriate.


Bring natural lighting rhythms back into your life.

Orro understands the time of day and the amount of ambient light to adjust your lighting to mimic a more natural rhythm. By lowering the level of light at night, you'll sleep better and you feel happier.


Doesn't rely on WiFi to work.

Each Orro system is smart enough on it's own to sense your presence and learn your rhythms. This means you Orro lighting will always work reliably. Your lights work even if your internet doesn't.


Give up worry about leaving the light on.

Orro's True Presence™ knows when you've left a room. It will make sure to turn the lights after you've been gone for a while so you never have to worry.


An app for fine-tuning at home and on the go.

Orro’s companion app helps you easily set up and configure your switches. You can create custom lighting patterns and manage your lighting, no matter where you are. A lifesaver when you’re on vacation.



Everyone is lighting up about Orro.
See why.

Orro is changing the way people experience their lives at home. Join them.


Orro, how many
switches do I need?


Depends on how many lights you want to control. We suggest starting with 1 Orro in the rooms you spend the most time in.

1 Switch

1 Orro = 1 Switch

Quite simply, if you have 1 light that is controlled by 1 switch, you'll need 1 Orro.

You have:


Multi-Gang = 1 Orro for each switch

Each Orro controls a single lighting circuit. If you want all the lights controlled by multiple switches, you need 1 Orro for each of the switches you want to replace.

You have:

Multi-way (Coming Soon)

2+ Switches Controlling 1 Light

COMING SOON - At this time, Orro does not support multi-way circuits.

You have: