The Home Lighting System.

Orro is a responsive lighting system for your home. It responds to your presence and adapts to your preferences to bring natural lighting rhythms back into your home.



Better lighting at home inspires healthier, happier lives.


Orro mirrors natural light patterns inside your home so your days can be more productive, and your nights more restful.



Lighting that finally
responds to you.

Orro doesn't just automatically turn your lights on and off. It intelligently responds to your presence and adapts the lighting for each moment of your day.


The light switch
that learns.

From day one, use your Orro switches as you would any light switch. Orro learns your lighting patterns and constantly adapts to your life. Which means less pre-setting and programming, and more living with better light.


Helpful and healthy lighting, for every moment.


Orro intuitively balance and adjust the lighting levels throughout the day. All to promote a healthier, more consistent circadian rhythm that syncs with your life.

Why does light matter to your health?


Lights when you need
them, not when you don’t.

When you enter and leave a room, Orro automatically turns your lights on and off and adjusts the levels to meet your activity. It knows when you are using a space, even if you’ve been sitting still for hours, binge-watching your favorite show.


Voice assistants,
built in.

Orro goes beyond lighting with your favorite voice assistants, built in. Whether it’s Alexa or Google Assistant, Orro listens and responds, allowing you to have a conversation in any room with a switch. No more cords or ugly speakers. Just Orro.


It's easy to make the switch.


We spent a lot of time perfecting the details. Which means you can spend less time tinkering with your lights, and more time living your life.


Everyone is lighting up about Orro.
See why.

Orro is changing the way people experience their lives at home. Join them.