Light is essential to our lives at home.


Light touches every moment. It helps us wake up in the morning and feel safe when we come home late at night. It helps us set the mood for movie-time or dinner with our favorite people. The right lighting can bring us energy when we need it and help us wind down at night.  Simply put, the ideal light in every moment enhances our experience of life at home.  

Unfortunately, with today's options, getting the light "just right" requires us to constantly adjust our switches. And, even though we all do this a lot, we're still often out of sync with our lights.  This led us to ask if a more harmonious link between human needs and the lights in our homes could be created. It is from the answers to these questions that Orro emerged.





Lighting that finally
responds to you.


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The "golden hour" for every moment of your day.

Just after dawn and right before sunset there exists a magical part of the day when the light is soft and golden. During this time, the sunlight enhances everything we see - the colors, highlights and shadows. Photographers love these periods of day because the light adds something special to eveything in the frame.

Our name comes from the latin word "oro" which means "gold" because Orro elevates every moment of your life at home with the perfect amount of light - making it golden.




better lighting at home
inspires happier lives.


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