The Orro Switch

Orro detects your presence and senses the levels of light in the room so it can make smart decisions about how to adjust the lights.

With a full computer inside, Orro can make intelligent lighting decisions all on its own. Orro doesn't rely on WiFi for it's smarts.

A custom retina touchscreen and speaker enable rich interactions with Orro. With just a simple swipe and a tap, you're in complete control.

Automatic Dimming

Remembers every manual lighting change to learn your preferences and then automatically dims for perfect lighting.

Auto On & Off

Your lights simply respond to your presence as you move between rooms. Orro turns the lights on when you enter and off shortly after you leave.

Senses Sound

Presence is more than just motion. Orro senses the sounds in a space to keep the lights on.

Detects Motion

A motion sensor allows Orro to detect new movement in a space and know when someone is there.

Never think about your lights again.


Control all your lights from a single switch. Create your own custom scenes for the perfect mood.

Natural Lighting

By sensing the ambient light, Orro restores natural lighting ryhthms to your home to help you feel better.

Soft Lights in the Morning

Wake up to soft lights. Your lighting gradually brightens as your day unfolds.

Lights Off During the Day

Presence doesn't turn on the lights during the day when there's enough light.

Time to Go to Bed

Subtle lowering of the lights near your bedtime helps you ease into sleep better.

Make any light smart.

Works with traditional lights and smart bulbs. Orro installs in minutes and supports most configurations including single-pole, three-way and multi-way.

Adjust your lights anyway you like.

Voice Control

Use your Alexa or Google Assistant smart speakers to control your lights.

Remote Control

Use the Mobile Companion app for fine-tuning at home and on-the-go.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Manual Control

Just like a regular dimmer. Click, tap, swipe to get your light just right.

Upgrade one room

or your entire home.


Let us help you plan to switch.


Let us help you plan to switch.

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