A switch like no other.

More in common with a smart phone than a light switch.

A switch like no other.

More in common with a smart phone than a light switch.

Beauty and Brains

Orro is the first to embed four sensors (no cameras) and a tiny computer into each switch so the Orro One can respond to you quickly and reliabily. Live your life and Orro will get the lights.

If specs are your thing, here they are - Orro Hardware Specs

Intelligence built-in.

With all the smarts built into your Orro One, your lights seamlessly respond to you. No more "smart" lights that require an app, are slow to turn on, or make you wonder if they will even work at all. And that's just the beginning.

Motion Detect

Using a digital motion sensor with a custom lens for a wide field of view, the Orro One senses movement in a room. It's not only about if you're moving, but how you're moving.

Active Listen

Using a dual microphone array, the Orro One hears what's going on around it. It can sense your presence even if you're not moving and recognizes when you're talking to it.

Light Sense

The Orro One senses the ambient light in the room. Understanding the brightness of the room at different moments, Orro learns how you like your light throughout the day and in different contexts.

Ambient Voice

A micro-loudspeaker gives the Orro One a voice. When combined with the microphones, Orro Switch contains a complete audio system just like a smart speaker or your smartphone.

Dynamic Display

The Orro One uses a retina-quality display to provide a rich and dynamic interface. Combined with a GPU, anything you see on the Orro Switch will feel like you're looking at your smartphone.


The touch sensor enables the Orro One to become a control for both your lighting and anything you connect to Orro. Whether it's a swipe, tap or drag, your inputs do exactly what you'd expect.

Dual Core Processor

The brain inside of each Orro One is a dual-core microprocessor like you would find in your smartphone. This allows the Orro Switch to do most things on it's own.

WiFi + Bluetooth

With 2.4 GHz WiFi and Bluetooth, the Orro One connects to almost anything in your home. Whether it's another Orro Switch, other devices or the internet, you'll have all the connections you need to power your smart home.


Sensing motion, sound, proximity and light, the Orro One understands when a person is in a room and how one moment differs from the next. More than a simple occupancy sensor, True Presence fuses these signals together so it can respond with ideal lighting for that moment.

Switch IQ™

Orro learns from every interaction you have with the system and how you use the space you live in. It adapts to everyday moments and builds an understanding of your patterns to make helpful adjustments to your lighting.

Never think about your lights again.

Orro brings the future of lighting to your home today.

Works with voice.

Use your Alexa or Google Home smart speakers to control your lights.

A switch that's reliable and secure.

You can’t live without your lights so we made sure you won’t have to.

Doesn't rely on wifi

Orro has baked-in technology to make it truly intelligent, without relying on the internet. Wifi enables Orro to communicate with voice assistants and to be controlled by the app—at home or from the beach. Its computing power isn’t hidden online or stranded in the cloud, which means your lights work even when your wifi doesn’t.

Control of your data.

The Orro One's onboard intelligence allows it make decisions without ever having to route any raw data to the cloud, if the cloud is connected at all. What's private to you stays private to you.

Manual On/OFF

We built the Orro Switch with durability and reliability in mind. This commitment includes physical buttons for turning the lights on and off that will always respond, no matter what is happening with Orro's brains.

Upgrade one room

or your entire home.