The light switch that
does more.

Orro is an intelligent dimmer that can make lighting decisions without needing to connect to wifi or be controlled by an app. It seamlessly transforms light into experiences that enrich your life at home.


Smarter than it looks

It takes a lot of technology and design to create a switch that is not only intelligent, but effortless to use. Each Orro switch houses sensors, a speaker and a tiny computer—all to make your lighting more responsive, adaptive and natural.


Intelligence built-in.

With an advanced presence detection system built into your light switch, your lights seamlessly respond to you.



Utilizes motion, sound, proximity and light sensors to understand when a person is in a room. More than a simple occupancy sensor, True Presence enables Orro to respond to you with ideal lighting for that moment.


Switch IQ™

Orro learns from every interaction you have with the system and how you use the space you live in. It adapts to everyday moments and builds an understanding of your patterns to make helpful adjustments to your lighting.


High definition presence sensors, not cameras.


With TruePresence™, Orro combines four sensors to become aware of when you're using a room in your home. This allows Orro to understand how your activity at home relates to your lighting preferences. After just a few days, Orro can take the lead in adjusting your lights automatically giving you the ideal light during every moment of your day.


Light that's inspired by nature.

Orro adjusts to the time of day by sensing the amount of light in a room, and adjusts to mimic healthier light patterns. That way your lighting—and circadian rhythm—are balanced.


Sunrise and Sunset

Orro gently eases you into the morning and prepares your body for a restful night’s sleep by mimicking nature’s lighting rhythms.


Light Sensing

Orro senses the amount of light in a room and adjusts your lighting to promote the perfect balance. It will even prefer natural light, if there is enough present, which keeps you healthier and saves energy.



Orro listens and

You can connect to voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant, as well as use voice commands to control lights.


A switch that's reliable
and secure.

You can’t live without your lights so we made sure you won’t have to.


Orro, how many switches
do I need?

Depends on how many lighting circuits you want to control. Generally, 1 Orro replaces 1 standard switch.


Everyone is lighting up about Orro.
See why.

Orro is changing the way people experience their lives at home. Join them.