Better lighting helps with a
better night's sleep.

Orro is an intelligent dimmer that detects your presence and adjusts your lights automatically to bring you lighting that is natural and reduces artificial light exposure that disrupts your body's circadian rhythm.


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It's science.
Artificial light
disrupts your body's natural clock.


We evolved with the natural lighting rhythms of the sun. These regular cycles of light and dark are critical to our health and well-being. Today, artificial light, especially in the evenings when it's outside nature's rhythm, disrupts our ability to sleep.


The way nature
intended it.

Orro brings nature back inside your home with levels of lighting that are inspired by those of a natural day. You'll feel healthier and happier.


Live with ideal light
levels throughout
your day.


Natural lighting
with Orro.

Orro mimics the natural patterns of light and dark by raising and lowering your lighting levels automatically across the day. It knows the time of day and senses the amount of light in the room so that it can set your lights to the healthiest level for that moment.


Wake up softly.

Orro gently eases you into the morning with low levels of light that feel like a sunrise. As you start your day, Orro brightens the light in your home to naturally bring you the energy you need.


Be your brightest
during the day.

Orro lights your space with as much light as possible throughout the day to keep your circadian rhythm in sync. If there's enough natural light in the space, Orro detects it and will give preference to that light because it's better for you than artificial lighting.


Wind down in the evening.

As the sun goes down and your day nears its end, Orro seamlessly begins to dim your lights to help your body's natural responses prepare for sleep. You'll always have enough light to see and Orro will learn your family's specific preferences


At night,
dimming the lights
stimulates melatonin.


Dimming the lights down like a sunset inside your house stimulates your body's sleep function by promoting the production of melatonin. Don't take our word for it. Check out what the scientist say.

Orro helps you wind down by automatically lowering the lights at night.


Everyone is lighting up about Orro. See why.

Orro is changing the way people experience their lives at home. Join them.

Risk Free - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteeed!