Homes that help you thrive.

We believe your home should welcome you and respond to your needs. Not the other way around. We’re starting with the basics—lights—and are creating new ways to help your home support you.


Good lighting can be good for your

Nature’s lighting patterns are restorative, yet at the same time energizing. We want to bring more balance to your home, through light.


Our mission is to make home a brighter, happier and more peaceful place. We believe technology has the power to make the small moments at home even better. After all, it’s the small moments that often leave the biggest impressions.


Our Ambition

We see a future where your home is a place that not only welcomes you, but takes care of your needs. It understands you and intuitively makes things easier by adapting to your needs. While we’ve started with an intelligent light switch, we are creating ways for your home to support a happier and healthier life.



3 simple rules we live by:


Bring more joy to people's lives.


Create a future that is
easier, happier
and sustainable.


Be the best guest possibe, since people are inviting us into their homes.




Live with better,
lighting, every day.

Orro is intelligent enough to make decisions for itself. And simple enough to integrate seamlessly into your home. It transforms light into subtle experiences that enrich the fabric of your home.